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Imagery : Processing

We can produce an accurately orthorectified raster dataset.

Contrast and Color Balancing

Delivering the most aesthetically-pleasing imagery

There are many environmental factors or atmospheric conditions that can affect the quality of imagery captured via satellite. Haze, poor light, fog, glare, and pollution, are examples of conditions which can obscure the imagery between the sensor and the ground. MapMart routinely balances the color bands and tones of satellite imagery to correct for these interferences to create the best of every image band and delivery the clearest and most aesthetically-pleasing imagery.

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Harris MapMart Contract and Color Balancing Services

Cloud Patching

We can patch areas of imagery with clouds

Satellites orbit well above our atmosphere allowing the possibility of clouds to appear within the captured imagery. If suitable support imagery exists, MapMart can patch areas of satellite imagery that contain clouds with other imagery of the same area that do not contain clouds. This delivers a lower cloud cover option over the project area in regions where cloud cover is problematic, revealing more of the land surface than the original data.

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Harris MapMart Cloud Patching Services

Multi-Resolution Blended Imagery

For visual simulation environments

Many of our end users utilize image data in visual simulation environments. Using multi-resolution blended images increases the quality and rendering of the terrain texture in any synthetic environment. MapMart seamlessly feather blends imagery with different levels of detail into a single mosaic delivering finer detail for the exact areas that are needed while saving on file size and expense.

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Harris MapMart Multi-Resolution Blended Imagery Services


For seamless coverage

MapMart frequently merges multiple sources of imagery together to provide complete or customized coverage of an area. The resulting product is a seamless, color-balanced, tonally-balanced, georeferenced or orthorectified image file ready for use in any mapping or imaging software.

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Harris MapMart Mosaicking Services


Really easy to use

Orthorectification, or the process of “terrain correcting” satellite imagery can be generated by MapMart for our end users. MapMart can take an end user’s imagery and correct terrain displacement in the imagery caused by off nadir or “sensor tilt” effects caused during image capture. This improves the positional accuracy of the imagery as well as allowing our end users to overlay their current working data with the recently acquired satellite imagery for correct alignment and overlay.

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Harris MapMart Orthorectification Services

Digital Elevation Model CREATION

We focus on getting your project completed on time and within budget

Custom DSM and DTM Creation

Take your engineering projects to the next level

MapMart offers digital elevation models (DEMs) for the entire world, much of which is available for download within a few minutes after purchase Where specific requirements demand hogh resolution DEMs, MapMart also offers custom DSM (Digital Surface Model showing the highest point in existence) and the DMT (Digital Terrain Model showing only the bare earth) versions of the data. For areas of the world with insufficient levels of detail, MapMart has the capability and expertise to create custom elevation data.

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Harris MapMart Custom DSM And DTM Creation Services

Custom Contour Creation

visualize flat/steep areas and ridges/valleys

Using stereo pair imagery and ground control survey points, MapMart has the ability to create elevation models including Digital Surface Models, Digital Terrain Models, and contours with up to 1 meter spacing. Digital Surface Models (DSM, or “first surface” models) can be created at a 1 meter post spacing elevation grid. Digital Terrain Models (DTM, or “bare earth” models) can also be created resulting in a 5-meter grid spacing. From these elevation models our clients can generate contour data or MapMart can also complete the topographic contour creation for delivery to our clients. Creating these elevation data sets is a proprietary and customized process and does take some time to complete but results in the highest quality, remotely-created terrain data possible.

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Harris MapMart Custom Contour Creation Services

Custom Feature Extraction

High level of detail to meet or surpass requirements

MapMart has the ability to extract features from imagery into a CAD-type file when needed. From bushes, bunkers, and fairways on a golf course to individual home and building outlines, trees and fences in developed areas, MapMart can extract and deliver fully attributed vector features that perfectly overlay the imagery itself.

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We're raising LiDAR to new heights

Introducing Geiger-mode LiDAR

We are putting higher quality elevation into your hands

Harris, a leader in geospatial products and services, is setting new industry standards in LiDAR data collection and processing for civil government and commercial organizations. Using Harris' innovative IntelliEarth™ Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor and cutting-edge production capabilities, we put higher-quality elevation products into our customers’ hands faster and more affordably than ever before possible.
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Harris MapMart Introducing Geiger-Mode Lidar data


MapMart Cloud provides users with immediate access to latest available imagery

MapMart Cloud

Access your data as WMS or WCS Services

MapMart Cloud Web Mapping Service has been developed to serve up the most current and highest quality geospatial data available in a fast and easy way to GIS and non-GIS users alike. The data sets include the CORE data with a wide selection of Aerial, Satellite, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and Topographic maps, plus Premium Data providing the highest resolution Aerial and Satellite data currently available from the major data providers including, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Intermap, and Astrium.
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Mobile APP

Quickly search for commercially available satellite imagery

iOS and Android App

Satellite Imagery Search App

MapMart Mobile is an application that allows a user to very quickly search for commercially available satellite imagery for any area on earth. With a few taps of the finger, a user can define an area, see the available options and send a request to the MapMart Mobile Support Team and expect a response within one business day.
Search for “MapMart Mobile” in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store or scan the QR Code for quick access:

Mapmart Mobile iOS App MapMart Mobile Android App

Search for “MapMart Mobile” in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store or scan the QR Code for quick access:

  • Airbus Defense & Space Pléiades-1A
  • Airbus Defense & Space Pléiades-1B
  • DigitalGlobe WorldView-2
  • DigitalGlobe GeoEye-1
  • DigitalGlobe WorldView-1
  • DigitalGlobe QuickBird
  • COMING SOON! DigitalGlobe WorldView-3
  • DigitalGlobe IKONOS
  • Satrec Initiative KOMPSAT-3
  • Airbus Defense & Space SPOT Satellites 1-5
  • BlackBridge RapidEye Constellation 1-5
  • Airbus Defense & Space SPOT 6 & 7
  • Satrec Initiative KOMPSAT-2
  • NOW AVAILABLE 40cm imagery!!!

Other sensors will come online as they become available as well.

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Download High Quality Samples

In Multiple Resolutions, Formats, Projections and Datums.

Harris MapMart : Frequently Asked Questions

The Name World Trust for GeoSpatial Data.

What is Harris MapMart?

We are an online resource for the location and acquisition of quality digital data. Harris MapMart sells numerous digital data products including Satellite Imagery, Aerial Photography, Digital Elevation Models, Digital Vector Maps and Topographical Maps as well numerous GIS software systems. Our unique online interface allows users to zoom-in to an area of interest, determine digital data availability and often see a preview of the data online prior to purchase.

What types of products are available from Harris MapMart?

We offers a wide variety of topographic, elevation, and satellite imagery data from the top creators in the industry. We also offer a variety of USGS products, including digital topographic maps, vector line work, LandSat and derived satellite Imagery, and the latest NED data. Several widely used Software Packages including Esri, MapInfo, LizardTech and MET software products are also available.

Why should I buy mapping products from Harris MapMart?

Harris MapMart allows you to buy digital map data for the area you need in the format and projection you require. No conversion process is necessary on your part. Buying from Harris MapMart or MapMart Mobile is convenient, efficient and cost effective. Our unique user interface lets you see the availability of a product, select the product and data format you prefer, and determine your cost before placing the order. We also offer a variety of services from our professional staff to get you the answers you need right away.

What is MapMart Mobile and how does it work?

MapMart Mobile is a free app for your mobile device that allows you to search through the most extensive databases of imagery available very quickly and easily. Defining the area of interest, browsing the available options and submitting your contact details for more information takes only minutes. Click here for more information.

What if the product or format I need is not available?

Call us at 1-303-759-5050. We provide the following services: Imagery acquisition: both Archive and New Collection, Photogrammetry services, Ortho-photography and image processing, Digital conversions and Custom Vector creation, Large-scale color scanning and plotting, Geologic Mapping, Environmental Interpretation, CAD and GIS solutions, and Traditional GPS survey services.

What are the prices of the various mapping products?

For your specific order price, zoom-in to your area of interest, define the area you need and select your desired products. You will be able to customize your products and, at your request, we will calculate preliminary pricing based on your selections.

How long will my order take to process?

Some of our data is available for immediate download, including most USDA, USGS-derived data sets and much of their current aerial imagery. Most other digital products will be completed and shipped between two to three business days. Rush options are available upon request.

What if I want to return the product I ordered?

We will accept most product returns less a 25% restocking fee within 30 days. You must notify us prior to returning the product. We will not accept returns of Custom data products, like Custom Scans, Custom Digitizing, Custom Prints, etc. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

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