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International Digital Elevation Models
International Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) cover the entire world seamlessly. There are three seamless DEM products currently available with a fourth partially available. The products available are ETOPO5, ETOPO2, GTOPO30 and SRTM-90. We sell these DEMs in the following formats: USGS DEM, DXF Mesh, GeoTIFF, ASCII XYZ, Arc ASCII Grid, RockWorks, Terragen and Surfer Grid (Binary or ASCII). All data formats are available for immediate download upon submittal of credit card with the data being cut to your specific project area. The projection is Geographic (Lat/Long), WGS-84. Coordinates being in Arc-Degrees.

Product Resolution Cost Notes
SRTM-90 3" or 90 Meters $1 per 1,500 Sq. Miles Africa and Australia currently unavailable*
GTOPO30 30" or 900 Meters $1 per 10,000 Sq. Miles
ETOPO2 2' or 3.6 KM $1 per 20,000 Sq. Miles Includes Ocean/Water Depths
ETOPO5 5' or 9 KM $1 per 40,000 Sq. Miles Includes Ocean/Water Depths
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*57 South Latitude to 61 North Latitude